Monday, 20 May 2013

Save our Planet with renewable and cost-effective solar energy products.

About Us

Pace Power was established in 2001 and has since grown into a leading managed services provider for telecom and solar. From its inception, PACE has been placed on a firm pedestal of knowledge and technology, to be able to help countries where there is a dearth of conventional power. Pace has earned a firm position on the global map with its green energy solutions in countries where there is an unlimited potential of natural resources like the Sun. PACE has introduced its legendary solar powered solutions to many countries worldwide and has been a pioneer in developing solutions utilizing the green energy.
With a continued leadership in the fields of telecom and power, Pace has spread its wings far and wide. Many International Telecom Operators, Network Equipment Vendors, BOL Operators and renowned Enterprises have reaped the fruits of success with the able solutions,guidancefrom PACE. A front runner in the business of design, manufacture and sale of an extensive range of products and services related to Power Solutions, we have established a robust hold across the SAARC countries, SEA, Africa and India. Our expertise is in providing all-pervasive Solar Power Systems, Integrated Solutions and Network Infra Services to Wireless and Wired service providers and OEMs.
Our competitive services span a wide spectrum of industries like Telecom, Railways, Electricity Boards and wherever there is a power crisis. We have earned a commandeering repute through the relentless passion of our experienced professionals, whose calibre is unmatched in the industry. Their passion and dedication have pushed us from strength to strength and showed us the path to glory. The power solutions using the green solar energy, offered by us have set many records and have been the bench marks of green energy standards ever since.
Accomplishments and impactful achievements in overcoming power related crises effectively, have paved the future path of PACE. An impressive team of adept employees under a competent management, and the able guidance of Mr. Venugopal, has projected a brilliant and resourceful future for PACE with over thousands of square feet of manufacturing plants and counting.
We have earned our mettle and recognition through a powerful network of green energy services, which have given many businesses, freedom from their power related problems. The vigorously efficient sales and service system of PACE efficiently strives to attain perfection at all the stages, be it manufacturing, development or implementation.
Envision a future filled with consistent growth in eco-friendly energy and creative technological innovation with PACE!

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