Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Advantages Of Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring solutions are based on cutting edge technology for passive infrastructure systems. PACE offers a complete integrated site alarm monitoring solutions with efficient service capabilities using local and regional services. PACE offers remote monitoring solutions by using proven processes, tools and methodologies. PACE delivers a complete package by adapting the best practices, along with the usage of innovative technologies.
PACE offer remote monitoring solutions for obtaining a detailed analysis of passive infrastructure element performance and event data generated by AC/DC distribution, and measurement tailed with utility billing system. This solution can effectively eliminate the potential failures by identifying them at the preventive maintenance stage for air-conditioner unit and diesel generator unit, etc. Monitoring the historical norms and identifying the abnormalities between the normally suggested and actual usage events can be recorded. Remote monitoring system from PACE generates business intelligence about the passive infrastructure, which can reduce operational costs substantially. Analysis of data in a variety of ways is possible with this solution, by using ad-hoc analysis tools and standard reports. This supports various business needs and offers data regarding the activity of all the elements in the passive network.

A technologically advanced system, PACE remote monitoring solutions is fully automatic and serves fully automatic telecom passive infrastructure monitoring for GSM, CDMA, and optical repeater networks, etc. If you are looking for real-time passive network related information, this solution from PACE is the ideal one. It fits within an existing conventional cell site and provides both monitoring and management solutions. One of the great features of remote monitoring solution from PACE is that it adapts to any passive network and does not require pre-defined rules. It accumulates all the information including the measurements and monitoring of power distribution and the other assets. You will be able to gain valuable insight into your network operations, sales, marketing and finance, along with the profitability data of your existing site offerings.

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